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Before dying father gives his daughters a re-wedding surprise

The man was about to finish but Fred Evans refused to let his cancer steal one thing he has always wanted to do.


Fred and his wife Karla have three daughters and a son. He pulled together this heartwarming and tear-jerking surprise. That’s why he decided to do something he refused to miss before dying walk his girls down the aisle. When Kate and Gracie arrived in the church, they were greeted by their father in a tuxedo. According to the sources, Fred had always wanted to give his daughters away on their wedding day and he refused to let cancer steal that from him.

But one thing was the same for both: they were opening grieving the imminent loss of their loving father.

The family gathered together to pray for Gracie and Kate, that they find joy in their future marriages. Then, Fred surprised his wife with their re-wedding. He wanted to renew his vows. He presented his wife Karla with her own bouquet. Then, they clutched hands and then walked down the aisle one last time together.

They promised to love each other for the rest of their lives, sealing that promise with a kiss. Fred tragically lost his battle to cancer on July 25th, 2013, but not before he was able to share one special moment of love with his family.



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